Safety Products

NASA C3RS uses the information it receives voluntarily to promote public rail safety in a number of ways.

C3RS DataBase Query Tool (DBQT)

The DataBase Query Tool (DBQT) is a searchable public database of de-identified confidential close call reports submitted to NASA through the C3RS program. DBQT contains reports from multiple carriers across the USA and new reports are added every month.

check_circle Learn From Others

The C3RS database includes narratives with event descriptions submitted by reporters (after they have been sanitized for identifying details). These narratives provide an exceptionally rich source of information for policy development, human factors research, education, training, and more.

check_circle Retrieve Data

The database also contains coded information by expert analysts from the original report which is used for data retrieval and analyses. Coded data may include event characteristics such as weather, location, and train information.

check_circle Increase Rail Safety

  • Identify and address safety vulnerabilities discovered through close call reporting
  • Develop and prioritize safety enhancements and corrective actions
  • Understand complex safety issues
  • Develop training and educational programs
Inside The Rail

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C3RS Newsletter

Inside The Rail is a NASA safety newsletter, which includes de-identified C3RS report excerpts with supporting commentary in a popular “lessons learned” format. In addition, the publication may contain features on related rail safety information. Inside The Rail is an effective tool for improving the quality of human performance in the rail industry at the grass roots level.

Focused Studies

Periodically, NASA C3RS in cooperation with rail organizations; such as the Federal Rail Administration (FRA), may conduct studies focused on safety topics of interest. C3RS research is designed and conducted with an orientation toward real-life operations and human performance.

C3RS Outreach Materials

Peer Review Teams (PRT), Safety Managers, and other representatives may request additional outreach materials such as posters and paper report forms. Select the "Request Outreach Material" topic in the Contact form and a C3RS staff member will contact you.