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Electronic Report Submission (ERS)

Send Railroad Safety reports to NASA C3RS via our secure electronic report submission. For information on reporter confidentiality, data protections, and other program information, please refer to the pages found under Program Information.

To report electronically, select a C3RS Report Form:

*Refer to form for full list of selections

4 Steps to Report Electronically

  1. Review the ERS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Browser settings are in the ERS FAQ and are important to the success of your report submission. Be sure your computer is secure and clear of vulnerabilities (see Online Security Tips).

  2. Click on the button above for the appropriate electronic C3RS form.

  3. Fill out the electronic form on the computer. To print a copy for your records, you must print it BEFORE clicking Submit. Keep the copy in a secure location. The NASA C3RS team suggests that you do not save your completed report to a shared (e.g., company) computer.

  4. After you click the Submit button at the bottom of the page, a verification code will appear for your submission. Retain this verification code for future reference. If you do not receive a verification code, refer to the ERS FAQ to ensure proper settings are enabled. If the issue cannot be resolved, contact C3RS by going to the Contact Us page, and select "Electronic Report Submission" as your topic.

NOTE: NASA will print, date stamp and return the identification strip at the top of your report by U.S. Mail as proof of submission. Forms submitted electronically will be date stamped on the first business day following report transmission.

Security Features

NASA has worked to ensure your report is handled securely. Security features include encryption of your report form during data transmission and storage, and multiple layers of firewalls and security devices. While NASA takes every effort to ensure security, there is potential for vulnerability on the user's end (e.g., spyware, adware, or viruses). For tips on securing your computer prior to report submission please see our Online Security Tips.

NASA C3RS cannot accept reports through e-mail or fax due to security issues! If electronic report submission is unavailable and there is a time issue, you may want to download, print and mail the reporting form assuring a timely postmark date.