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C3RS FRA / Carrier Waivers

The FRA and participating railroad carriers offer people who report to NASA C3RS further incentives to report. Through agreements between the FRA, carriers, and labor organizations, as outlined in an Implementing Memorandum of Understanding (IMOU), people who report are provided waivers from carrier discipline and FRA enforcement for qualifying events. The FRA and rail carriers' cooperation indicates the growing value placed on this unique safety information gathered through safety reporting to C3RS.

For any questions regarding your specific C3RS territory boundaries and waivers, please see a member of your carrier’s C3RS Peer Review Team (PRT) or refer to your carrier's governing IMOU.

*IMOU Definition - The IMOU is a document developed for each specific site by FRA, rail carriers, and labor representatives. These IMOUs outline how C3RS works at each site; defines the rights, roles, and responsibilities of all stakeholders; and describes how the system will operate.