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Report Processing


Safety reports are analyzed by NASA C3RS's Rail Safety Analysts. The analyst staff is composed of railroad professionals with years, and often decades of experience that covers the full spectrum of railroad operations.


C3RS Report Processing Flow
Report Receipt – NASA C3RS paper reports are picked-up daily from the Moffett Field Post Office or are received electronically via website Electronic Report Submission (ERS).
Date/Time Stamp - Every report is date and time stamped on the date of receipt.
Screening - Two C3RS Analysts independently “screen” each report within three working days to provide initial analysis of the narrative and fixed fields on the report form.
Match Multiples - Based on initial categorization, multiple reports on the same event are brought together to form one database "record."
Analyst Coding - During the detailed report analysis process, reports are codified by an Analyst using the C3RS taxonomy that was developed by NASA and coordinated with FRA and industry experts. Analysts evaluate the content of the reports and underlying contributing factors..
Callback - A C3RS Analyst may call a reporter on the telephone to clarify or obtain additional information. This information may be added to the analysis and final record.
De-Identify - To ensure confidentiality, all identifying data is removed or generalized. After analysis, the Identification Strip (the top portion of the report) is returned to the person reporting. This ID strip acts as the proof of submission.
Quality Check - All reports go through several steps to assure accuracy. Final quality assurance checks are performed for coding quality and confidentiality.
Forward to PRT - C3RS sends the Peer Review Team (PRT) your de-identified report summary for review. The PRT may recommend corrective actions to the carrier after their independent analysis of the report.
Database Entry - Final coded reports enter the NASA C3RS Database.
Destruction of Originals - Original reports, both physical and electronic data, are eliminated to completely protect confidentiality.
Products & Services - C3RS uses the information it receives to promote safety through a number of products and services.